Thassos Island

Thassos Island

The emerald and picturesque island of Thassos in the northern Aegean Sea opposite the coast of eastern Macedonia and in particular across the mouth of the Nestos and the city of Kavala. It is one of the 4 provinces of the Kavala prefecture in eastern Macedonia. The length of the beaches of Thassos reaches 115 km and only 8 miles separates the Macedonians from the opposite coast. A turbulent history lost in the mists of time, ample resources, stunning sights from all historical periods and especially since antiquity, the hospitable local culture, stunning natural environment and the facilities give the island a unique character and make attraction for many visitors from around the world.

Small mountain plains and many hills characterizing the soil of the island is mountainous and pine. Highest peak is Ypsario term or fish as the locals call it. The unique natural environment and healthy temperate climate makes it a unique tourist destination. Major resources of the island are tourism, timber, mining marble, olive oil, olives, honey and other agricultural products.

Crystal clear sea embraces and reflects the island's beauty. Thassos is famous for its turquoise waters and unique beaches, with sand or pebbles, offering unique summer vacation visitors.


The island throughout its area has wonderful beaches and crystal clear as the Golden Beach in Skala Panagia, Golden Beach, Skala Potamia, Kinira, Paradise, Thimonia, Aliki considered the pool of the island, Psili Ammos, Astris, Pefkari, Limenaria, Tripiti, Atspas in Skala Maries, Kallirachi, Skala Sotiros, the Coast Alsylliou in Skala Prinos, Skala Rachoniou, Paxis Beach, Papalimani, Glyfada, and in Thassos Town Agios Vasilis and the beach (settlement) on the east side of town.
The roads of the island is very valuable and growing perimeter. Only the ring road of the island has a length of 100 km are roads, connecting villages and forester (tracks) 100 km of the villages served by buses. From Kavala Thassos Limenas to run a ferry boat and flying dolphins every day itineraries throughout the year (1 hour and 45 minutes). In addition to Prinos Thassos every day many routes throughout the year. Finally, Keramoti in Port daily many itineraries. There are also many routes a day with hydrofoils from Kavala Thassos on or vice versa.

Port of Thassos town tel (0030) 25930 22355, Port of Kavala tel (0030) 2510 223716, Keramoti Port Station tel (0030)25910 51204

Ancient tragedy in the ancient theater of the island. Fair Dekapentafgousto with the folk dances and roast Kids. Every third day of the Easter event with folklore dances elders. Old old and with old dance costumes, while the girls offer visitors loukoumia.

Fresh fish, lobster, shrimp, black wine, sweet Karidaki, honey, dried octopus, fish iliokafto, donuts, lamb and kid.

Folk art, textiles, pottery and wood carvings.


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